30 Days of Self Improvement – Why I’m Proud

30 days of self improvement

One of my teammates shared this challenge with our team today. 30 days of self-improvement. I said yes. Yes to the challenge. Yes to self-improvement.

You see, for me, 2018 was the beginning of what I thought would be my best year–a thriving business, immense success, and an amazing new life. But that wasn’t the case. I took advantage of everything that was given to me so easily by not recognizing my own shortcomings. It took many failures in 2018 to realize that the world around me didn’t need to change… I needed to change.

So, I am making 2019 my year. My year to do everything right by correcting everything that is wrong with me. All of my shortcomings, I am working on. I won’t change them all. I won’t even hit the tip of the iceberg, but I will start. And that is more than I have ever done for myself.

In writing this, I am accomplishing my first two tasks: Something I am proud of, and starting a journal. I am proud that I have recognized my faults and am working towards a better me. And I hope to chronicle them here for all of you. Join my journey. Support me, criticize me, or create your own journey. One of my goals this year is to be more transparent and I hope you all enjoy the menial blatherings that will come with that transparency.

Tomorrow I am supposed to learn something new… leave your suggestions in the comments!

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