Girl, Put Your Necklace On

It’s no secret, laides: the perfect necklace can make an outfit! But, if your necklace isn’t suited to you or your clothing, well it can ruin EVERYTHING! I’m here to save the day. Follow these tips for accessorizing your ensembles so you are always ON POINT!

Let Your Body Choose Your Bling
I am a big proponent of “do you”. You have some curves and want to wear stripes? DO YOU, GIRL! Fair skinned, but love dark colors? ROCK THEM, GIRL! Yet, when it comes to your accessories, there are some tips you can follow that can make your body look as rockin’ as it is!

best jewelry for your height

Consider your frame and height. You want to pick jewelry that is going to highlight your best assets and not make you look frumpy, dumpy and plumpy! Petite ladies, consider more delicate pieces. You don’t want to be bogged down with a giant clump of beads and bling–consider pieces that are more delicate with open chains and strands! Thicc sistahs, ROCK THOSE CHUNKY STATEMENT PIECES (and if you’re tall and slender, feel free to bust out that bulky bling as well!)

Use the length of the piece to help you pull attention in a desirable way. Long torso, but short legs? Keep your pieces short to draw attention up to the face. Short torso, long legs? Wear your pieces long and low to draw attention downward.

But what about the BOOBIES?! Here in the Cats & Couture Boutique, we EMBRACE our BOOBIES thanks to the amazing styles from Paisley Raye for women of all shapes and sizes (ladies, I cannot tell you enough how amazing these styles are for us busty, curvy gals!) But how do you let your necklace help you shake those curves?

best necklace for curvy bodies

If you’re like me, you are rocking “tig ol’ biddies”, but your waist isn’t quite as defined as you’d like (thank you, pizza shop that is a block away from my 9-5.) Focus on pieces that add length, but not bulk. A long pendant that creates an open neckline, falls below the bust (and ultimately, travels through what I call the “cave”), and comes to a slender point can balance your proportions to make you look like the rock star you are.

If you’re lucky enough to rock the knockers with a defined waist, focus on emphasizing your waist with long pieces that don’t add bulk at your bust! Focus on pieces that are longer, but have some more activity down at the waistline to emphasize the curves that the good lord gave ya!

Necklines and Necklaces
Okay, we’ve considered what the best necklaces for our body type may be, but now we have to consider the type of clothing we are flaunting! The neckline on your clothing can really benefit from some appropriately placed accessories!

best necklace for different necklines

Generally speaking, you want to use your clothing’s neckline as a guide for what type of necklace you should wear. Avoid pieces that fall directly on the neckline or your clothes and jewelry will be fighting all day long! Instead, pick pieces that flow with the shape, but do not interfere. Consider the v-neck (a staple in Paisley Raye styles). You want to focus on pieces that flow with the V shape rather than competing with it. Make sure you fill the space as much as possible because a gap between the necklace and your neckline can create the illusion that you have a thick neck!

Long pieces can look STUNNING paired with cowl, jewel, crew and the “off the shoulder” looks, as they draw attention down where the neckline may be creating bulk. Avoid bulky statement pieces for these necklines as they will just make things too crowded up at the neck!

Wear What You LOVE
The number one, most important thing I can tell you about wearing a necklace is to WEAR ONE THAT YOU LOVE. There’s no point in wearing something, even if it is the PERFECT PIECE for the outfit you are rocking or for your body type, if you don’t love it. Find pieces that call to your inner wild child. Keep stock in bling that is your favorite color. Create a look with cherished heirloom pieces or even handmade ones from someone you care about. You can even make your own perfect piece by creating custom jewelry through Magnabilities. This jewelry is magnetic, interchangeable, and even has the option for CUSTOM INSERTS so you can rock a photo of your favorite furry feline! You can check out my Magnabilities site at for all kinds of amazing jewelry options.

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All images are from “The Beader’s Guide to Jewelry Design: A Beautiful Exploration of Unity, Balance, Color & More” by Margie Deeb


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